Origin March 2020


  1. The Origin team has returned to the office for work, and some of the staff from Hubei are working online at home.
  2. Now we are cooperating block chain traceability with cross-border e-commerce company in Hangzhou, and docking the details of cooperation.
  3. We are communicating with Anhui government about the cooperation on traceability of agricultural products, including full ecological traceability of agricultural products.
  4. We are talking with US manufacturers IMPINJ online on how to use RFID chips to develop the traceability, and how to build the traceability system combining software with hardware in the future.
  5. Pharmaceutical traceability is expected to be implemented in June, including SAAS system/ block chain traceability/Mini app on Wechat and so on, about information technology upgrades of traditional enterprises



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