Origin JUNE 2020


  1. The anti-counterfeiting product has delivered to the pharmaceutical company in Jiangsu. the latest drugs with blockchain anti-counterfeiting technology will come out at the end of the year in Hong Kong.Recently we have optimize and upgrade the platform.
  2. Because of the covid-19, the cooperation with US manufacturers IMPINJ is still in progress.now we are discussing the contract of intention, the contract will be signed in next few months.
  3. We meet the Qingdao government discussing the cooperation about new infrastructure in Qingdao which include agricultural information platform and supply chain finance platform using blockchain technology.
  4. We meet the pharmaceutical company in Guizhou talking about the blockchain anti-counterfeiting technology, the detailed cooperation is still in discussion
  5. Adjust and upgrade the internal team structure and we will hire more blockchain engineers for the new coming project.
Detailed information for Impinj



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