Origin December 2019

Origin Supply Chain
2 min readDec 13, 2019



1.The new official website will come up in the end of December which will include the service we provide and the business case we have.

The service we provide include:

Blockchain solution/Smart contract and Dapp distribution(based on Ethereum) /Distribution of Blockchain resources.

The business case include:

Supply chain/Blockchain traceability/ Blockchain business collaboration/Digital asset management

2.The project for jiangsu medical company will fill to the ground in June 2020 will include the

Packaging inventory information, upload them on the chain(IBM hyper-ledger)/Anti-counterfeiting system development which includes block-chain explorer to search information on the chain.

3.Discuss the cooperation with liquor company(Tang Gou) in Jiangsu about anti-counterfeiting with block-chain technology,the cooperation will be comfired in May 2020.

4.Our team visit the recycling company in Henan, they are satisfied with the plan we made for them.The cooperation is still in discussion.

5.Prepare the presentation for Blockchain Association in Hainan in 2020.

6.Discuss the cooperation with cheetah miner(猎豹矿机),the detailed information will release in may of 2020